• Josiah Sansone

Photography for Small Businesses

We live in a day and age where everyone wants to see something before they buy it. Whether it's on social media, or Amazon a good photo dramatically increases the value of whatever it is your selling. These quick tips can be capture on an expensive DSLR or you can simply use your phone and achieve the same effect. Here are 2 very quick tricks for more effective small business photography!

1. Capturing Faces

This is from an event I shot, but the concept is the same: people enjoying the product.

The faces of people enjoying your product draw more interest to that product. Just like TV commercials--you see people drinking soda or eating McDonald's with a big toothy grin--making you want that soda or that sandwich. Yes, showing off the products key features is important (and we'll get to that) but it's equally important to show that people enjoy and use the product.

When capturing faces, make sure that the product resides in the photo or that it is obvious the product causes the smile. Without the product having a prominent place in the photo, a photo can seem out of place or cause confusion. This is vital to connect the product to happiness and to keep the interest of the viewer.

2. Photographing the Product

Not only is it important to show people enjoying your product but it is imperative to show the product. To do this you must decide what the coolest looking/most important/most effective parts of your product are. Make a list of all the things you wish to capture. I always start with full photos to show the entire product and then work my way down to the small details that can be easily overlooked.

Think of different angles to take your detail photos. Often, we take them the way we see them, eye level facing down; but, by changing your angle and going down to the level of the subject, you can add more depth behind the photo as well as change the context of the subject. Be creative!

flatlay photo

After you have your detail photos, adding other items to the photo gives the product more lifestyle, depth, and meaning. For instance, a popular photo today is the "flat-lay" photo. Here, you lay connected items around your specific product and take the photo looking straight down on the set. It's important while you do this not to take away from the product you wish to sell; however, this photo is very effective in setting the scene for your product.

The goal of product photos finds itself in making your product look desirable and prove that it meets a need. Keep these two simple tips in mind next time you go to show off your product and you should be able to see the difference!

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